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Exploring the anatomy of touch and movement

About This Project

Touch Move Heal is new FREE community for anyone who is involved in the practice of Manual or Movement Therapy in any form. Membership to the Touch Move Heal open space is entirely free, with options available to take out paid memberships or other courses.

The aim is to provide a reliable, evidenced based understanding of the human body, as it relates to the practice of manual and movement therapies and to create a space where we can share our experiences with other therapists from from around the world.

If you're a Bowen therapist, Massage Therapist, Chiropractor, Osteopath, Rolfer, Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist or work with your hands to help people move or reduce pain in any way, then that's manual therapy.  If you're a Bowen therapist in particular, then this space is going to change your life!

If you work in any way to enhance human movement, such as with Pilates, Yoga, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique practitioner or any other, then this is the place to find the anatomy that fits in with what you do, rather than a system of learning parts of the body.

As the space grows, we will be able to create more tailored spaces, coming together regularly to share our experiences and insights and building a shared as well as a curated space for the study of joined up anatomy. 

The project is the brainchild of Julian Baker, who has been a Bowen Therapist for over three decades and has been leading hands on human dissection classes for manual and movement therapists for over fifteen years.  He believes that the anatomy we learn as therapists, should be different than the system used in the medical field and is passionate about sharing this approach.

Why You Should Join

With so much social media in existence already, this space aims to create a single community for the deeper understanding of the things that we do, but which don't get explained. Other spaces can be distracting, filled with advertising and video shorts, sucking our time and attention.

The aim here is to create a relaxed but focussed space where we can consider the anatomy, literature, stories and insights of what we do as manual and movement therapists and seek to shed light on some of the mysteries.

We will share our successes and cheer on our community, feel safe to ask questions and ask for help in solving problems and feel that we are part of a truly global family.

A Big Thanks

Julian has been in the business of therapy, movement, fascia, teaching and more for over thirty years and often says that he has rarely been more than a couple of steps away from grocery delivery driver!

The last few years post pandemic have seen a significant shift in the way that people take on board their learning and the move towards an online presence has grown enormously.

Julian has had so many messages from people over the years, telling him how much his teaching and content has helped them, allowing them to help others, that he has long wanted to find a way of reaching more people without huge costs. 

With this in mind this is the place that Julian is hoping will serve more as a home to his remarkable way of explaining the body.

We look forward to welcoming you into what is set to be a truly transformational space.